Actuators are characterized by simple applications in many areas of industrial and mobile applications. The CLA electrohydraulic actuator is a completely closed unit that allows higher power density and overload protection.

It can be used instead of the mechanical spindle drive for higher forces. The combination of hydraulics as a closed unit in conjunction with the controller allows the operator easy and quick commissioning. On the optionally available control unit (calibrated to the controller) specific settings are possible without interfering with the overall system.

The hydraulic characteristics are already programmed in the firmware. The hydraulic, current-controlled drive is completely filled with the ideal medium and is vented, allowing it to be installed on the system without further intervention. Thanks to its simple plug-and-run functionality, the CLA series is a perfect solution for applications where other mechanical linear actuators do not provide the required values such as force, speed and stroke.


  • Highly efficient system thanks to „Power on Demand“ current-control
  • Completely closed system filled with the appropriate medium, ready for installation
  • No hydraulic lines
  • Controller with specific firmware (optional)
  • Standardized CAN, USB, LIN, RS232 interfaces available
  • Easy to integrate into a complete system


  • Marine: aerial platforms, hatches, gates, actuators on yachts
  • Conveyor technology: pallet stackers, elevating tables, scissor lifts, assembly equipment for aircraft maintenance
  • Trucks, off-road vehicles: tailgate locks, accessory equipment, trailer dump trucks
  • Safety: door opening systems, vehicle additions
  • Construction vehicles: locking device for accessory equipment, bucket levelling for skid steer loaders, plough-shield positioning
  • Renewable energy: solar panel positioning, pitch adjustment and locking device for wind turbines
  • Agricultural engineering: regulation of charging device, spray boom, levelling

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