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written by Kotty Shepard on Monday, November 25, 2019

No More Seasickness – Eliminating up to 95% of Boat Roll!

Boats with Seakeeper installed, roll less, ride smoother

Seakeeper created gyro stabilization technology that is transforming the boating industry for boats as small as 27 ft. and larger than 200 ft. By eliminating up to 95% of boat roll, the side to side motion that often causes seasickness or instability, Seakeeper can make time spent on the water more comfortable and more enjoyable for recreational, commercial and military vessels alike.

The Challenge

In the past, gyros passively controlled boat roll. Their performance was limited because they had to be turned off at high speeds or in rough seas.

The Solution

Seakeeper, however, uses active control to read changing wave conditions and respond instantaneously. Seakeeper confidently selected Bucher Hydraulics as a trusted partner for an upcoming active control project.

The Result

Using Bucher’s hydraulic proportional valve solution, Seakeeper can control the gyro’s precession, which, in turn, stabilizes the vessel. Bucher developed a custom manifold that met Seakeeper’s project requirements.

More than 9,000 Seakeepers have been installed in vessels of all sizes, with more than 2,500 of those being installed as refits in existing boats. It’s easy to see that one day, Seakeepers will be on every boat on the water.

How it works

With such a technical product, finding new partners is never an easy task, we were lucky to have found Bucher Hydraulics. Not only do they work with us to provide quality parts, but they’re a joy to work with.

– Nick Troche, Director of Engineering, Seakeeper



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