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written by Gabi Olpp on Monday, November 11, 2019

Out of the more than 250 products submitted, our AX pump and motor was short-listed as one of the 20 nominees.

The Agritechnica Systems & Components Trophy – Engineers' Choice

Systems and components play a key role in the development of innovative agricultural equipment. With the Systems & Components Trophy – Engineers' Choice, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) honors systems or components that feature a new or distinctly improved concept that can make a substantial contribution to the development and manufacture of products that, in turn, enable new processes or significantly improve established processes. In a preliminary round, a jury of design engineers from the agricultural engineering companies exhibiting at AGRITECHNICA short-listed 20 nominees from the more than 250 submissions. One of them is our AX axial piston-pump and -motor unit.

Our AX – available as pump or motor – features a new design principle that systematically eliminates the disadvantages that exist in today's hydraulic pumps and motors. It offers unmatched characteristics in terms of high efficiency, low pulsation, optimum starting/slow speed performance, and low noise emission.

AX pumps are ideal for the move to electrical drives.

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