Cutting Costs by Downsizing
 QXEHX die casting

written by Nobert Menden on Friday, October 18, 2019

Improve efficiency and downsize the hydraulic drive train.

Downsizing in plastic injection molding and pressure die casting machines

The innovative spirit is one of the great strengths of the plastics industry. Hardly any other industrial sector is investigating new drive concepts quite so intensively in the effort to get a head start in shaping tomorrow's trends. Manufacturers of injection molding machines in particular are therefore concentrating on downsizing the drive train in order to save costs and energy.

With our new QXEHX internal gear pumps, their higher speeds enable the geometric displacement and and thus the drive torque to be reduced while maintaining an equally high flow rate. In the best case this can result in the use of smaller pumps, electric motors and inverters. In addition, the pump can be connected directly to the servo motor via a positive-engagement shaft-hub connection. These two characteristics offer the possibility of downsizing the complete drive train.

Comparing the solutions

 Comparison hydraulic drive solutions for die casting machines

How does the direct connection work?

Your benefits

  • Continuous lubrication: A continuous flow of oil is used to lubricate the spline connection
  • Smaller installation space in the machine
  • Service and maintenance needs are reduced
  • Reduces the risk of machine outage

Lower drive torques resulting from lower geometric displacements coupled with higher speeds, a reliable reverse mode, high energy efficiency, and a continuous-monitoring option by using Condition Monitoring make the unit a future-proof solution.

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