"We Are Heaven-Sent" – Tackling Things Together
 Mirko writing the campaign's motto

written by Gabi Olpp on Friday, June 21, 2019

How young people are improving the world in 72 hours!

Under the motto "We are Heaven-Sent," children, teenagers, and young adults volunteer for charitable, ecological or intercultural organizations. With a commitment to keeping it fun, they tackle jobs that no one else will do: where money or the willingness to help others is lacking. The volunteers are given 72 hours to complete their task. By taking part in these projects, approximately 80,000 youths throughout Germany are making the world a little better and actively shaping the future of our society!

A shared social commitment to others

Mirko Blatter, one of Bucher’s first-year apprentices, volunteered for a 72-hour project recently. He selected the "Get it" surprise option and had to wait until the start of the project on May 23rd at 5:07 PM to find out his job assignment.

When Mirko told me about the planned 72-hour project, it quickly became clear to us that we wanted to support him, and gave him time off for this communal event.

– Britta Zölle, HR Officer

The ornamental water station construction project

The project assigned to Mirko was "Ornamental Water Station Construction and Maintenance at Eberfingen Cemetery." His and his teammates' task, was to dismantle an old water pipe, lay a new water pipe, install a ground runoff drain and build two new ornamental water stations. In addition to building the water stations, the team cut shrubs and cleaned an old stone cross.


 Projektbeschreibung Friedhof Eberfingen

The Eberfingen Cemetary Project

Interview with our apprentice Mirko Blatter

In the following short interview you will learn how Mirko came to take part in three exciting world-improving days.

How did you hear about the 72-hour campaign?

I learned about it from my brothers and sisters who shared passionate stories about the project they volunteered for, as well as from other young participants in my home town.  Our home town is strongly committed to and supports the interests of youngsters and young adults between the ages of 12 and 25.

Why did you want to participate?

I wanted to do something good, with a group of friends, for the community and our town's wellbeing. I wanted the challenge of doing a good deed, getting involved in meaningful work and experience the excitement during the run-up to the job, which was a secret right up until the start.

What did you particularly like about this project?

I liked building something new in the area with a team and enriching the community by doing it. The ornamental water station was a beautiful addition to the cemetery.  It has made it convenient for people to fill watering cans to water gravestone plants and flowers. Besides, it was very nice and rewarding when the result of our work was presented to the congregation during church on Sunday.



 Unser Azubi Mirko Blatter bei der Arbeit an einer Maschine


About the 72-Hour Campaign

The 72-hour campaign is an annual community action organized by the Federation of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ) and its associations. For 72 hours, committed young people from Catholic youth associations and many other groups standup for their fellow men, for the environment, for solidarity and justice, for education as well as for their immediate surroundings. The projects address social issues and are oriented towards the world in which we live. The participants work for and with others, no matter what they do in everyday life. It could be neighborhood meetings, partnerships for asylum accommodation or building children's climbing frames. The action focus can be inter-religious, ecological or international. The important thing is to work together for others and with others!

The project options

When registering-volenteers choose between the Do-it and Get-it options.

Do it – the do-it-yourself option

The project group consists of everything from the original idea to the planning and implementation of the project. The Regional Coordination Group checks whether the project meets the criteria for the campaign, and it provides help and advice to the project groups where necessary. The member associations and youth organizations have the opportunity to propose a specific social, ecological or association-specific subject.

Get it – the surprise option

The project group is given a task that it does not know anything about beforehand. Only with the starting signal for the campaign does the project sponsor tell the group about their project.

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