LCV – Master of the Extreme

written by Gabi Olpp on Friday, April 6, 2018

The red snow groomers from Kässbohrer are a familiar sight in every ski resort. Under the hood there are nine of our LCV series valves.

Masterful Hydraulics

Superior quality in speed and responsiveness

In the new PistenBully 600 Polar it feels almost unreal when you push huge mountains of snow in front of you and hardly notice it. The LCV ensures that the behavior of the blade is completely independent of the load – regardless of whether it is 200 lbs or 2000 lbs  of snow that has to be pushed.

Experience the powerhouse in our interactive story

Master of the Extreme
Simultaneous, pressure-independent, proportional operation of all actuators

The snow is pushed together with the 12-way plow blade. The ultra-responsive hydraulic control system in the PistenBully implements the driver's commands quickly and accurately, no matter how heavy the load – for finger-tip control and smooth operation.

Decision criterion – slope quality

Did you know that the quality of the ski slope is one of the main criteria when skiers are choosing a resort?

Pinpoint accuracy in all climates

The new mechatronic system offers a broad range of applications around the globe, regardless of climate zones. The strengths of the system are demonstrated in both extreme cold and extreme heat. The applications for the system are therefore many and varied: From snow groomers, through tractors and self-propelled harvesters up to municipal vehicles. No pilot pressure is required for operation, making the valve resistant to external influences such as pressure- and temperature-fluctuations, viscosity changes and contamination.

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