Telescopic Handler (Telescopic Loader)

Application information

The origins of the telescopic handler lie in the building industry. Thanks to its sure-footedness on difficult terrain, it has become an essential element in day-to-day construction work. This and other advantages have enabled the telescopic handler to gain a foothold in agriculture, as well as in materials handling especially in the field of logistics. Its ability to handle a wide variety of equipment means the telescopic handler can be universally employed to perform all kinds of tasks. Its great carrying capacity and long range enable it to be used efficiently and at low cost. Wherever sensitive movement and the ability to hold and set down loads securely and precisely are required, Bucher Hydraulics can offer the discerning equipment manufacturer a combination of top-level technology and impeccable quality.


HDS34 – Load sensing valve system for the main control block

This flexible system, which can be individually assembled from a range of sections, can be coordinated specifically to suit individual requirements. There are hardly any solutions that cannot be represented, from input plates to valve sections. Access to an existing modular system makes it possible to produce individual solutions using tried-and-tested components at a modest price. The individual pressure compensators (post compensated with flow sharing) reduce volumes evenly for each consumer in operation in the event of undersupply from the main oil pump, enabling operators to carry on with the job of coordinating movements with no loss of function.

HDS34 – load sensing valve system

QABSCH control block – satisfying the EN 15000 safety standard

Safety is paramount, with no room for compromise. The technical challenge now is to ensure that the performance and action of the telescopic handler are neither affected nor restricted. Rapid materials handling and smooth operation at maximum load are requirements that are of paramount importance. However, compliance with safety standard EN 15000 remains a sine qua non. All of this creates major demands in terms of valve engineering. To comply with these requirements, Bucher Hydraulics has a number of tried and tested solutions in hand that are integrated into the pilot and main control circuit and stand out on account of their simplicity. This is an elegant way of fully satisfying the obligation to ensure both safety and performance in service.

STB QABSCH – Control block for safety shutdown

CINDY – non-leaking counter-balance valve for stabilisers and telescopic booms

Wherever safety, leak-free holding and the ability to set loads down sensitively are required, these top-quality components produce outstanding results. Operators appreciate their combination of outstanding precision and excellent sensitivity. When the telescopic handler is used as an aerial work platform, users are guaranteed reliable protection at all times. This multi-functional valve series combines all functions into one, including pipe burst protection, resulting in a solution that satisfies all the demands made of it. Owners of appliances fitted with CINDY valves appreciate the major benefits of the added value experienced in day-to-day use.

CINDY – Non-leaking counter-balance valve

APFM, DBVSA, STB LRU, ESL101 – Fan drive

This system is a reliable, space-saving and flexible solution. The tried-and-tested APFM external gear motor with auxiliary bearing drives the fan to provide guaranteed cooling. The cooling temperature can be precisely adjusted with integrated fan technology (DBVSA, pressure control valve) in the external gear motor or the external control block (STB-LRU). The DBVSA proportional pressure control cartridge provides ideal damping, thus ensuring stable speeds. Speed changes are continuous and smooth. Its inverse structure ensures a supply of oil to the hydraulic motor at all times, and thus also cooling even if the cable should break. It is also easy to reverse the fan direction, a function that is often called for. Cavitation is prevented by the use of an integrated anti-cavitation valve in the housing of the APFM. The ESLF101 drive electronics, optimised for this application, complete the total package with an outstanding price to performance ratio.

STB LRU – Control block for fan drive

WDTUVA – Cooler bypass thermostat valve

Directly controlled bypass thermostat valves for temperature-dependent bypass adjustment with an integrated pressure relief function, in the form of screw-in cartridges mounted to coolers either directly or via the pipeline housing. These control the flow to the tank or cooler depending on the temperature. If the oil is cold, the flow is directed straight to the tank with minimal pressure loss, and the oil is rapidly heated to operating temperature. Once the ideal oil temperature is reached, the oil is then fed through the cooler. The integrated pressure relief function also protects the cooler against any potential pressure spikes and excess volumes. 

STB 2EALOO – Control block for outriggers

Secure and reliable control of the outrigger cylinders is essential to ensure safety at all times, both for equipment and for personnel in particular. Significant passive loads on the cylinders require high permissible pressures on the valves to ensure total safety. The 2/2-way WSY22 seat valves are designed to meet these requirements. The tried-and-tested conical piston principle gives these valves excellent sealing characteristics. A further remarkable feature of this valve technology is how easily it can be incorporated into systems thanks to its great functional stability and long service life with no need for costly maintenance work.

Telescopic handlers can be fitted out with top-quality valve technology at a very reasonable cost using the components described above, giving them a high level of safety. Sensitive and precise control enables operators to work all day with comfort and convenience.

The components are designed to be ideal for their specific application areas and to keep energy consumption as low as possible. "ECOdraulics" represents Bucher Hydraulics’ commitment to an environmentally and resource friendly product range.


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